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hen starting a franchise or selling a new product or service, you must be able to become a necessity for the consumer. When you are in a seemingly niche product or service, it’s crucial to take certain steps to appeal to a wide range of industries.

Here are a few:

Figure out what motivates the customer.

It’s important to strategize around what the consumer wants. Look at the need your product/service fills, and then figure out what will motivate potential consumers to buy in. If you already have an established franchise, what motivates your current customers, and how can you implement that across new markets?

Do your homework, and know your weak points.

When you first start a franchise concept, identify what drives the consumer in your industry and in industries that have the potential to intersect with yours. Plan accordingly by researching the high and low points within your industry, and make sure that you have the proper tools to solve problems that may arise in the industry.

Create a core market.

Once you’ve found a strong product/service, build and retain a core group of consumers. This can be accomplished through excellent customer service, a product the consumer is kept happy with, and branding and marketing initiatives that have clear messaging and leave a positive impression.

You may be a little fish in a big pond, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create growth within your business and the market. At Fence Dynamics, I have made it my mission to provide customer service above the norm, and a product that is unmatched.